6 Ways Your Garage Can Make Life Easier

Find out how a well-organized garage can make it easier to tackle chores and get out the door.

Though it’s sometimes overlooked, the garage is an important hub of the home: It’s often our last stop before leaving the house for work or school, and it holds some of our handiest items like tools and cleaning supplies. You may not give much thought to your messy, cluttered garage, but putting some effort into organizing and updating this space can actually save you time in the long run. From getting out the door on time to tackling chores to staying fit, see how your garage can help you get it all done.

1. Mini Mudroom

Photo by: Portland Premier Photography

Portland Premier Photography

If your typical morning routine includes 15 minutes of tracking down coats, backpacks and keys, your garage can help you take back some of that time. Convert one wall into an organized drop zone where the whole family can keep out-the-door essentials in one convenient place. Be sure to include hooks for outerwear and bags, benches with open shelves for shoes, and labeled bins where each family member can stash the things they’ll need for the day. 

2. Smart Garage Door Opener

Photo by: LiftMaster


Have you ever left your house for the day, and then had to backtrack home because you couldn’t remember if you closed the garage door? Install a connected garage door opener like the LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W, and you’ll never have that problem again. With LiftMaster's MyQ smartphone app, you can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. Plus, an automatic lock makes your garage door virtually impenetrable, giving you peace of mind when you're away.

3. Tools at the Ready

Install and organize a pegboard

Pegboard Installation and Organization

Install and organize a pegboard

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Tackling home repairs and DIY projects is so much easier when you can actually find all of your tools. Dedicate one wall of your garage to tool storage; pegboard and slatwall are two easy-to-install and incredibly versatile options for keeping everything organized and in plain sight. Hang up all of your tools, and you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need without digging through drawers and cabinets.

4. Organized Recycling

recycling bin mounted on garage wall

Recycling Bin Hack

Recycling bins can hog precious floor space in the garage, but you can fix by mounting the bin on the wall using scrap wood

Recycling is a great habit to get into, but if you want to stick with it, it’s important to find a system of keeping empty bottles and cans from taking over the kitchen. Recycling bins can hog precious floor space in the house or the garage, but you can save space but mounting the bins on the wall using scrap wood. Just slide them off when it’s time to take them to the recycling center.

5. Car Washing Station

Hanging Car Wash Bucket

Hanging Car Wash Bucket

Flat-backed feed buckets aren’t just for feeding horses. They are perfect for storing car wash supplies right on the wall. Hang using a picture hanger for easy transport from the garage to the driveway.

Photo by: Melissa George

Melissa George

Don’t waste time searching for soap, sponges and rags when your car desperately needs a wash. Use a picture hanger to hang a flat-backed feeding bucket on the garage wall to store car washing supplies. Just grab it and carry it to the driveway when you need it. 

extension cords hanging on a coat hook and metal chain

Extension Cord Holder

If you have a pile of tangled extension cords in your garage, try this inexpensive hack. Use 1' sections of chain to hang cords on a coat hook. Mount the coat rack on a stud or use wall anchors, and hang two cords from each hook to create wall storage. 

Photo by: Melissa George

Melissa George

You can also avoid the hassle of untangling a twisted hose or extension cord with this hack: Hang them on the wall from 1-foot sections of chain and a coat hook. Make sure to mount the coat hook on a stud or use wall anchors.

6. Exercise Made Easy

Gym Equipment Stored on Garage Wall

Gym Equipment Stored on Garage Wall

Long for a workout space but lack a spare room? Take advantage of a garage wall to install everything you need to stay in shape. This wall-mounted gym installed by Tailored Living consists of a slat-wall storage system that makes it easy to customize.

Photo by: Tailored Living

Tailored Living

We all have good intentions to stay fit and healthy, but let’s be honest: Finding time to go to the gym can be hard. If you have space in your garage, set aside a corner for exercise with equipment like weights, medicine balls and yoga mats; our trusty friends, pegboard and slatwall, come in handy here as well for saving floor space. It’s much easier to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise each day if you can do it from home.

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