11 Garage Bike Storage Ideas

Give all your vehicles — including those with two tires — a proper place to live in your garage. These bike storage solutions offer something for everyone from avid cyclist to hobbyist.

By: Caren Baginski

Photo By: Miranda Clark

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Photo By: Bre Patterson

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Lock It Up

For savvy storage and peace of mind, homeowner Miranda Clark specifically chose the Ultra Space Saver Single from Dero because you can use a U-lock to secure the bike to the wall. "In case our home is broken into, [burglars] can't easily get to the bikes," she says.

DIY Bike Shelf

So you want to hang your bike — but what about gear like helmet, gloves and bags? This do-it-yourself bike shelf tutorial by Liv Cycling, maker of women's bikes, lets you hang any bike by its saddle while providing space to organize your biking accessories.

Portable Placement

If you're seeking bike storage that can move easily — whether you're rearranging the garage or moving houses — look for a solution like the Gravity Bike Rack by Racor. It holds two bike frames and attaches securely to the wall through a drywall screw. "This stand was perfect for our apartment to store bikes indoors when we didn’t have a garage," says homeowner Bre Patterson.

Budget Bike Storage

If you don't need anything fancy and just need to get your bikes off the garage floor, opt for Heavy Duty Bicycle Hooks from Bulldog Hardware. "We got them because they are inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use," says homeowner Katie Godfrey.

Fit for All Bikes

Finding a storage solution to accommodate different types of bike frames can be difficult. The Velo Wall Rack from Feedback Sports makes it easy with sliding arms to fit any frame, seen here in the garage of homeowner Laura Fritz.

Get Your Floor Back

Upgrade from the pulley system and hang your bikes up high with an electric lift. This system is called the Garage Gator, and homeowner Kate Pugh says it's easy to use and great for those who love tech.

Simple Stand

If you have floor space, consider an inexpensive bike stand like the RAKK from Feedback Sports. Homeowner Bre Patterson likes it because you can easily load your bicycle in from the front or rear wheel without scratching the bike's rims.

Hang It All Up

When hanging bikes in the garage, wall track systems are an attractive and easy to use solution. The Gladiator GearTrack Bike Rack shown here comes with track and four hooks: one for a kid's bike, one quick-release hook for an adult bike, and two hooks for helmets.

Save Space

One of the problems with storing bikes is that they take up lots of space in the garage. Solve that problem using Steadyrack's Classic Rack. Hung close to the floor, bikes can be wheeled into the rack then swiveled toward the wall to save space.

Do Double Duty

If you frequently work on your bike, why not choose storage that doubles as a repair station? Look for lightweight stands that hold bikes by either frame or seat post, like the Bikehand Bicycle Repair Stand. "We chose this stand mainly for easier maintenance when washing our bike or any mechanical changes," says homeowner Bre Patterson.

Go Vertical

For families of avid cyclists, the Rubbermaid FastTracks system with Vertical Bike Hooks provides ample wall storage for hanging multiple bikes. Coupled with a ceiling rack, a corner of homeowner Laura Fritz' garage becomes a cycling storage mecca.

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