10 Upcycled Garage Storage Ideas

Before buying expensive organization systems for your garage, try these upcycled storage solutions that breathe new purpose into items you may already own.

By: Caren Baginski

Photo By: Natalie Shaw of Doodle Craft

Photo By: Blue i Style

Photo By: Jill Nystul of One Good Thing

Photo By: Jody of Homey Home Design

Photo By: Caren Baginski

Photo By: Andy Vinson of Loch & Key Productions

Photo By: Melissa George

Photo By: James Angus and Jamie Bolton, The Cavender Diary

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Kelli Wilson

Photo By: Loch and Key Productions

Tin Can Storage

Empty, clean tin cans make excellent tool holders when zip-tied to pegboard, a common staple of many garages. Natalie Shaw of Doodle Craft and her husband created this one for the garage and another for the indoor craft room.

Hack a Shoe Organizer

In the garage, a hanging shoe organizer becomes the perfect place to store spray paint. For easy access to its contents, nail the organizer to a wall rather than hanging it over a door.

Inexpensive Tape Corral

Your last trip to the dry cleaner could yield an inexpensive garage storage solution. Jill Nystul of One Good Thing repurposed a suit hanger to hold and organize tape for easy access.

Organized Entry

Got bookshelves, baskets and bins you're not using indoors? Reuse them to organize the garage. Jody Tolsma of Homey Home Design created this drop station to store frequently used items such as shoes, power cords, tools and sports equipment.

Small Part Organizers

Clear plastic food jars with tight-fitting lids are perfect upcycle candidates for storing hardware. Screws, nuts and bolts stay confined and collected until you need them.

Paring Down Paint Cans

Are nearly empty paint cans taking up space in your garage? In this how-to, use decorative glass jars to visually display your leftovers. Tip: If your garage doesn't maintain 60 to 80 degrees, relocate these jars to another place in the house.

Golf Bag Tool Holder

Retired your golf game or upgraded your bag? Take a cue from Melissa George of Polished Habitat and upcycle it as a garden tool station. Pockets can hold gloves and small tools, while larger tools occupy the center.

Ready, Set, Paint Station

Once the domain of the kitchen, this IKEA magnetic knife holder finds another purpose in storing paint brushes and supplies. James Angus and Jamie Bolton of The Cavender Diary are the masterminds behind this unique upcycling idea.

Buckets of Toys

Good old galvanized buckets decorated with chalkboard labels provide an easy way to transfer and store children's toys in the garage. Kelli Wilson even upcycled a wooden shelf so the toys could be within easy reach.

From Files to Tools

An old file cabinet makes an excellent candidate for storing garden tools. Remove the drawers, tip on its side and then cut enough PVC pipe to fit inside the empty space. Spades and rakes are easy to store and grab when you need them. Get step-by-step instructions here.

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