Step 1

Selecting Wood Flooring 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for selecting wood flooring.

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Step 2

Gather Materials and Tools

natural wood, bamboo or laminate flooring
flooring nails
staple gun
flooring adhesive
pull bar

Step 3

Compare Natural Wood, Bamboo and Laminate

With wood flooring, you have three basic choices: natural wood, bamboo and laminate.

Natural wood comes from trees like oak and hickory. It can be more expensive, but almost never needs replacing — and it adds value to your home.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, giant grass. It's harder than red oak, costs less, and it resists insects and moisture.

Laminate is wood fiberboard with a wood grain image on top. It's durable, easily installed and very affordable.

Step 4

Consider the Pros of Each Option

All three products have traditional and contemporary colors and looks, and all three products come in prefinished boards that don't need waxing.

Natural wood and bamboo are installed over a wood subfloor. You can nail, staple, glue or float it.

Bamboo can also be glued to concrete.

Laminate can go over any flooring except carpet and almost always floats.