Step 1

Installing Laminate Flooring 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for installing laminate flooring.

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Step 2

Buy Flooring and Let It Acclimate

Buy 10 percent more flooring than you think you need in case of mistakes.

Let boards acclimate to installation space for 48 hours.

Pro Tip

Laminate boards can go over just about any floor except carpet.

Step 3

Level Floor and Remove Molding

Fill low spots in current floor with leveling compound.

Remove existing molding carefully and you can use it again.

Pro Tip

Duct tape on your pry bar will cushion the molding against dents.

Step 4

Install Underlayment and Vapor Barrier

If flooring doesn't have pre-attached padding, install foam underlayment to buffer sound.

Tape seams of underlayment with duct tape.

Pro Tip

If floor is concrete, add vapor barrier.

Step 5

Install Boards and Nail Molding to Wall

Pull boards from several boxes during installation to even out color variations.

Stagger lengths of end boards so seams don't line up.

For a snug fit, use a pull bar and mallet to tap boards together.

Nail molding to wall, not to floor.

Pro Tip

Cut boards with good side up to prevent splintering and tearing.