Although hardwearing, vinyl can be damaged by sharp objects or by heat, such as a cigarette burn. Re-covering an entire floor is expensive, but where vinyl has a pattern, such as "tiling," it can be used to aid the repair process. If you use this technique, be sure that the junctions between the patch and existing vinyl are firmly stuck down. Otherwise people may trip over them.

Step 1

Cut a Vinyl Patch

Cut a section of new vinyl slightly larger than the damaged "tile" area (Image 1).

Tape this piece loosely over the damaged area, making sure that it is aligned exactly with the pattern (Image 2).

Use a utility knife to cut through both layers of vinyl, using the "tile" edge as a guide line (Image 3).

Step 2



Photo by: DK - Do It Yourself Home Improvement ©2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - Do It Yourself Home Improvement, 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Remove the Damaged Vinyl

Remove both sections of vinyl. As you lift out the damaged section, the cut shape will be revealed underneath.

Step 3

Position and Secure the New Vinyl

Apply double-sided tape around all the edges of the revealed section of floor (Image 1).

Position the new vinyl section. Press down its edges, as well as those of the remaining old section. A seam roller is ideal for this (Image 2).