How to Paint Old Vinyl Floors to Look Like New Tile

This easy, budget-friendly paint project will have your floor looking fresh and modern in just a couple days.

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Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

How to Stencil Vinyl Floors 01:38

Give vinyl flooring a budget-friendly makeover with paint and a stencil.

Materials Needed:

  • (1) bottle of TSP cleaner
  • cleaning supplies – vacuum, bucket of water, rubber gloves, rag, scrub brush
  • (1) orbital sander with 320 grit sanding discs
  • (1) roll of painters tape
  • paint supplies – tarps, paint trays, 2” paint brush, disposable gloves
  • (1) package of shoe covers for painting
  • (1) 4-8ft extension painters pole
  • (3) micro plus 5/16” nap 9” rollers
  • (1) small 4” foam roller
  • (1) large 12x12 stencil (we used Nagoya design)
  • (1) gallon bonding primer
  • (1) gallon of porch and floor paint in base color (we used Benjamin Moore in Decorators White)
  • (1) gallon of porch and floor paint in stencil color (we used Benjamin Moore in Pewter)
  • (1) gallon of low luster polyurethane

Clean Floor

Thoroughly clean kitchen floors. Sweep, vacuum and scrub with floor cleaner. Mix TSP with warm water in a bucket. Wipe down floors with solution to deep clean and prep for painting.

Sand the Floor

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Use an orbital sander to lightly sand the entire floor. Wipe down with damp cloth to clean up any dust.

Tape Off Room

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Use painter’s tape to cover baseboards. Tape up tarp to cover cabinets. This will protect areas of the room you don’t want to get paint on.

Apply Bonding Primer

Stir primer instead of shaking can to avoid bubbles. Wearing a mask, apply first coat of primer with 5/16” nap. It’s thin and dries quickly, so work in small areas. TIP: Be sure to open a window and ventilate the room. Once dry, apply second coat.

Paint On Base Color

Roll floors with base color. TIP: Cut in around base of cabinets with the 2-inch paintbrush. Let dry and apply second coat.

Stencil On Pattern

Start stencil in the middle section of the room and work your way out. Tape corners of stencil to floor using painter’s tape. This will keep the stencil in place as you work. Lightly roll second color with 4-inch foam roller. Gently lift the stencil as if peeling to reveal pattern. TIP: Use a contrasting color against base color to make stencil pop.

Roll On Polyurethane

Stir polyurethane instead of shaking the can to avoid bubbles. Roll thin layer on entire floor. Allow to dry for 12 hours, then apply second coat.

Remove Painter's Tape

Photo by: Shain Rievley

Shain Rievley

Remove tape. Allow 24 hours before placing items on the floor to ensure that the paint has cured.

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