Bamboo flooring looks great, wears well and is easy to install. Watch the video to see how you can get a dimensional look by using two different colors of bamboo flooring. Also, find ideas for using your leftover flooring scraps for other DIY projects.

Step 1

Choose Your Flooring

Pick contrasting colors from the same brand of bamboo flooring.

Pro Tip

Order 10% more flooring that you think you need to make up for cut ends and mistakes.

Step 2

Test Your Pattern

Do a dry-run of the layout to work out a pattern. Place lighter boards loosely, then add darker boards in random spots.

Pro Tip

Snap a photo with your smart phone to remember the layout.

Step 3

Make It Straight

Snap a chalk line to make sure the first row of flooring is straight.

Step 4

Nail in Place

Secure the first row with finish nails. Tap and nail subsequent rows together.

Step 5

Finish the Floor

Nail quarter-round molding to the edges.

Pro Tip

Save leftover materials and use to make a modern ceiling light fixture.