Install the Tackless Strips

To install the tackless strips, use a saw or shears to cut the length needed to fit each wall.

Step 1

nail strips around perimeter of room

nail strips around perimeter of room

Nail the Strips

Nail the strips around the perimeter of the room using masonry nails, leaving a space between the tackless strip and the wall that equals 2/3 of the thickness of the carpet.

Note: Make sure the tackless strips join together at the corners and the pointed pins in each strip are facing the wall.

Step 2

cut carpet padding in strips

cut carpet padding in strips

Cut the Carpet Padding

Cut the carpet padding in strips long enough to fit the length of the room. Make sure the padding is long enough to cover the tackless strips on all the walls.

Step 3

Lay the Padding

Lay out the padding waffle side up, then staple it along its edge every six inches. The padding should not overlap and should form a clean seam. Cover the seams with duct tape.

Step 4

Cut the Carpet

Measure the room's length and width, then cut the carpet four to six inches longer than the room's dimensions. Use a utility knife to cut the carpet from the backside. Overlap each piece of carpet at the edges to allow for trimming.

Note: Make sure when cutting and laying the carpet, that its pile is facing the same direction.

Step 5

Join the Seams

Overlap the edges of the carpet leaving about two inches of excess carpet at the wall. Use seaming tape to join the seams. Use a seaming iron to melt the adhesive by slowly pulling the iron down the tape. Once the adhesive is melted, immediately press the carpet edges together over the tape. Roll over the seam with a rolling pin.

Step 6

use knee kicker to hook carpet to tackless strip

use knee kicker to hook carpet to tackless strip

Hook and Stretch the Carpet

Use the knee kicker to hook the carpet to the tackless strip in one corner. Then, use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet to the opposite wall. Repeat this step for each corner.

Step 7

Trim the Excess Carpet

Adjust the wall trimmer to the carpet thickness and trim the excess carpet at each wall. Use a stair tool to push the edges of the carpet between the wall and the tackless strips.

Step 8

Hold the Carpet in Place

Trim the carpet at the doorway, centering the end of the carpet under the shut door. Install a gripper edge or nail in a metal strip to hold the carpet in place.