Step 1

Prep the Room

Remove any furniture and appliances. Score the joint between the top of the baseboard and the wall with a utility knife cutting through any caulking and paint (image 1), and then remove the baseboard with a pry bar (image 2). Use a scrap piece of thin lumber against the wall to protect it when levering the baseboard away from the wall. Use care so that the baseboards may be reused.

Step 2

test fit the tiles and layout

test fit the tiles and layout

Test Fit the Tiles

Start laying the floor on the longest wall and lay a row of tiles to make sure you don't end up with a small piece on the end. If you do, cut a tile in half and lay it against the longest wall and lay out the tiles again to see if you end with a large enough piece.

Step 3

Cut the Door Casings

Place a piece next to the doorjamb to determine the correct height to set the jamb saw (image 1). Cut the casing and pry out the pieces with a screwdriver (image 2).

Step 4

cut tiles for door casings

cut tiles for door casings

Cut the Tiles for the Door Casing

Slide the tile under the casing and mark the cut points. Extend the lines using a speed square and make the cutout with a jigsaw.

Step 5

Install the Tiles

Set the first full tile in place. The second and subsequent tiles just snap on to the preceding tile (image 1). Snug the tiles together with a tapping block. Straight cuts can be made on a sliding compound miter saw (image 2).