Step 1

baseboard measure wall

baseboard measure wall

Hand holds down a measuring tape while measuring side of wall.

Measure Wall

The first step is to measure the wall. If you are measuring from a section of the wall that has trim on one end and a corner on the other, measure from the edge of the trim to the corner. Measure twice to make sure your measurements are accurate. You want to be precise to a 16th of an inch.

Step 2

baseboard cut angle

baseboard cut angle

Contractor uses a DeWalt saw to cut an angle for the baseboard installation project.

Cut Baseboard to Length

Using a miter saw, make your cut on a 45 degree angle. If you are using a compound miter saw, reverse your angle to cut the next piece. If you are unable to do that, flip the next piece to cut it.

Step 3

Cope Baseboard

If you are cutting baseboard for an inside corner, put your pieces up together and see how well they fit (Image 1). If it is not a tight fit, you may want to cope the baseboard. Using a coping saw, cut out the miter at a back angle to create a negative cut (Image 2). The cut piece should fit perfectly around the non-cut piece.

Step 4

baseboard nail gun

baseboard nail gun

Man uses a nailgun to attach the baseboard to the interior of this room in this home improvement project.

Install Baseboard

Install baseboard using a nail gun. Put two nails in the baseboard every 4 or 5 inches.