How to Choose and Care for Carpet

How you choose and care for carpet can make a significant difference on how long your carpeting lasts.
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Carpet lends both color and comfort to a room. And the comfort is more than a nice surface to walk on. Carpet adds insulation to the floor making it easier to keep the room warm in winter and carpet adds sound insulation to a room as well. But it is not care free. Like any other part of the house there are things you can do to keep it in tip top shape.

The best way to prevent your carpet from wearing out is to vacuum. It will add years to its life. Choice of carpet also is a very important factor. Berbers are great for family rooms and other informal spaces, while high-density cut-pile carpets are best for more formal rooms.

For those areas where something a bit more exotic is in order, some people may opt for shag carpet, which has just recently come back in style. Choose an economical commercial carpet for basements -- it's easy to clean and designed to stand up to extra wear and tear.

Finally, give carpets a regular shampoo according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will work wonders for extending their looks and life.

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