Hardwood Flooring Glosses 01:01

Here is the DIY Download on hardwood flooring glosses.

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Step 1

Tips for Choosing the Right Gloss

1. For many years, most hardwood flooring was 60 to 65% gloss.

2. Semi- or 45% gloss is shiny but not as reflective as high gloss and shows color and wood grain better.

3. Newest hardwood finish is matte or 10% gloss.

Pro Tip

When installing hardwood flooring, choose the right gloss.

Highly reflective surface makes room seem light and airy but can show dirt and grime.

Matte gloss has an oil-rubbed look, bringing a classic feel to your home, but with the easy care of a modern prefinished floor. Prefinished matte flooring never needs to be re-oiled.

Because matte gloss flooring conceals dirt and scratches, it’s a good choice for active households.

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