Step 1

Cleaning a Garage Floor 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for cleaning a garage floor.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
cat litter
shop vac
dish liquid
orange hand cleaner
scrub brush
concrete cleanser
baking soda
pressure washer
garage floor coating
decorative flakes
18-inch, industrial grade paint roller
1/8– to 3/8-inch nap synthetic or lambs wool roller cover
extension pole
small chip brushes

Step 3

Clean and Scrub the Floor

Soak up old oil with household items such as cat litter, sawdust or cornmeal; then vacuum with shop vac.

Scrub light stains with dish liquid, cola, or orange hand cleaner. Scrub tough stains with degreaser from hardware store.

Pro Tip

Wash with baking soda to neutralize chemicals, then rinse with power washer.

Step 4

Seal the Floor

When floor is clean, seal it with garage floor coating.

Choose color.

Cut in edges with brush, then roll on coating.

Add decorative flakes.

Let cure for 24 to 48 hours before walking on; wait seven days before driving on.