Step 1

tennessee blue stone chosen to match patio

tennessee blue stone chosen to match patio

Select the Stone

The 3/4" Tennessee bluestone was selected for its natural beauty, texture and weight, plus the existing patio was made from the same material.

Step 2

measure area to be covered by stone

measure area to be covered by stone

Measure for Stones

Since the stones will vary in size, before placing any of the stones take measurements of each area to be covered. This will help with the overall installation by serving as a guide when the stones are cut. You can either cut all the stones in advance by working out a pattern, or you may prefer to do a section at a time.

Step 3

Scribe the Stone

The bluestone is scribed using a specialized saw and a carbide blade (Image 1). Begin by marking a line down the stone. Continue the marked line across the edge, then flip the stone and continue the line on the other side of the stone. Once you've marked the stone, carefully scribe along the marked line using the saw with the carbide blade (Image 2). One way to ensure that the scribe is steady is to have someone hold it (Image 3).

Step 4

Split the Stone

Once the scribed line has been made all the way around, the stone can be split along the scribed line with gentle taps of a chisel (Images 1 and 2).