Weatherizing Doors & Windows 01:02

Learn how to weatherize doors and windows.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Incense stick
Dollar bill
Weather stripping
Pliable door bottom seal

Step 2

Checking For and Fixing Air Leaks

Hold burning incense near door and window frame on windy day to check for leaks.

Seal seams between door/window frame and wall with caulk inside and outside.

To check for leaks around door, shut door on dollar bill; if it pulls out easily, door needs weather stripping.

Seal door bottom with pliable, double seal that covers both sides.

Install pliable, double seal on window bottom, then shut window on top of seal.

Pro Tip

Most air leaks in a home happen around doors and windows; sealing leaks can save on utility costs and make your home more comfortable.