The Most Popular Front Door Colors

Find a paint color that’s a match for your personal taste and your home’s style.

Traditional White House Exterior With Red Front Door

Red Front Door and Lantern Pendant Lights Create Inviting Home Entry

A bright red door adds life to the exterior of this traditional white home. Hanging lantern pendant lights and a wood bench add life to this inviting front porch.

From: Jill Wolff

Photo by: Jill Wolff

Jill Wolff

Changing the color of your front door is one of the easiest — and most affordable — ways to make a statement in terms of your home’s exterior. However, choosing a color is often one of the hardest and most-thought-about decisions you’ll make. Perhaps, in part, because your front door is not only an extension of your home’s style, but also the “first impression” that many visitors get when they come to your home. Here are a few helpful considerations to take into account when selecting a color.

Consider the Style of Your Home

A front door is a focal point on any home — whether it’s used frequently by visitors or not. With that in mind, it’s important to take not just your style preference but also the style of your home into consideration. For example, if you have a classic Craftsman-style home with a neutral exterior, a pink or red door could be jarring. However, a rich stained wood entry or a range of other neutrals might blend nicely with the home’s façade. On the other hand, a red door or bold black one might be perfectly eye-catching on a white Georgian-style home or a small gray, brick cottage. 

Whether covered with brick or siding, more contemporary homes may lend themselves to further experimentation in terms of paint colors including yellows, blues and greens — colors you may not have considered on first thought. 

In neighborhoods with more traditional-style homes, the front doors are often matched to the color of the shutters. If your home has shutters, this may be another factor to consider.  

After: Exterior of Gaspar Home

Fixer Upper, Episode 201

Two wooden columns frame the entryway and update the look of the front of the house, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper. (detail)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Know the Go-To Options

Take a look around your neighborhood and based on the style of homes you’re likely to see two or three colors that are predominant on front doors. For many neighborhoods, black front doors are a popular choice — especially if the home’s feature red brick, white siding or a similar exterior. For houses that want a bit more color, red, green and yellow entry doors can all be attractive options when paired with a proper neutral exterior. Whatever your taste may be, driving around and looking at other’s doors can be a great way to find inspiration for you own.

Remember the Color Wheel

We all learned about primary colors — red, yellow and blue — in school. When thinking about your front door color, think about the color wheel in relation to your top selections and the current color of your home’s exterior. For example, colors near each other on the color wheel such as blue and purple are analogous to each other and will allow one color to stand out more. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel such as green and red are complementary to one another and will nicely play off each other. Staying within the same shade of color (i.e. greens) will give you a subtle and soothing look. You can vary the warmth of a selection such as a red or yellow by choosing muted shades of those colors such as pink, peach or a buttery yellow. 

Finally, know that painting (or repainting) your door is an easy project, so if you don’t like the color or tire of it over time, it’s a simple fix.

Welcoming Doorway

Welcoming Doorway

Planters of boxwood topiaries flank the front door with a pink climbing rose partially shrouding the porch.

Photo by: Photo by Ben Rollins

Photo by Ben Rollins

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