Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Silicone caulk
Weather stripping
Interior shutters
Power drill
Wood screws
Measuring tape
Programmable temperature controller
Wireless remote controller
Split-zone HVAC system
Ductless interior and exterior HVAC units

Step 2

Tips for Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling

1. Weather strip and caulk doors and windows.

2. Install interior shutters to block heat and cold coming through windows.

3. Install programmable temperature controllers or smart phone apps to adjust comfort levels before you arrive home.

4. To control comfort in each area consider a multi-zone, ductless HVAC system.

5. To maintain efficiency, have systems professionally inspected in spring and fall.

Pro Tip

Maintain maximum comfort in your home by heating and cooling only the areas you live in.

Use clear silicone caulk so you won’t have to paint it.

Set the temperature in each zone; Individual units there provide heating or cooling as needed.

Ductless units are quickly installed by professionals; several can be powered by one outside unit.

Inspect and clean filters regularly.