Step 1

remove the stop

remove the stop

Remove the Stop

Remove the stop. If the screws are stripped, just pull it off with a pry bar.

Step 2

Remove the Sash, Parting Stop and Pulleys

Remove the lower sash (Image 1), the middle piece called the parting stop (Image 2), and slide the upper sash down (Image 3). Cut the ropes, and pull the upper sash out. Remove old pulleys (Image 4).

Step 3

Remove Old Weights and Add Insulation

Open up the weight pocket and remove the old weights (Image 1). Stuff the pocket with insulation (Image 2); this will improve energy efficiency.

Step 4

Add a Shim and Attach an Access Panel

Add a shim to the blind stop to create the correct spacing for the new window. Staple the access panel in place (Image 1), and attach the retainer clips (Image 2).

Step 5

Insert the Liners and Cut the Old Windows

Snap in the jamb liners and sash stub (Image 1). Cut the old windows down to fit the new jamb liners (Image 2).

Step 6

Add Grooves and Install the Windows

Route a groove in the window to receive the pin to connect to the jamb liner (Image 1). Cut another groove for the weather stripping. Tap the stripping into place with a hammer (Image 2), and install the windows (Image 3).