Add The Liner

Add The Liner

According to Asakawa, a liner "is necessary to hold the soil and plants while still allowing drainage." She suggests a natural fiber coco mat, greenhouse shade cloth or window screen. "Cut the screen about 2 inches wider and longer than the tray," she says.


Remove the Old Screen

Too remove the old screen, use a putty knife or a flat screwdriver to remove the old screen spline from the frame. If there is any dirt or debris in the channel, clear it out before continuing.

Step 1

Trim the Screen Material

Make sure the screen material is at least 2-inches wider than the frame. Use a utility knife to trim the length, again leaving 2 inches excess at each end of the frame.

Step 2



Roll the Screen

Roll the screen all the way over the frame.

Step 3

Tape the Screen

Pull the screen tight and tape the screen over the ends of the frame.

Step 4



Push the Screen Into the Channel

The screen roller has two wheels at each end: a concave wheel that has an inward groove on the edge of the wheel, and a convex wheel that has a rounded edge. With the convex wheel, roll the tool over the screen so that it is pushed into the channel of the frame.

Step 5



Push the Spline Into the Channel

Take the new screen spline and use the concave wheel on the screen roller to push the spline into the channel of the frame, fitting over the screen. Make sure the spline is pushed in all the way so the screen will not pop off.

Step 6

Trim Off the Excess Screen Material

Once the screen and spline are placed, trim off the excess screen material and you are set to go.