Step 1

Measure the Opening and Check the Doorjamb

Start by measuring the opening to determine the proper size door to buy. While you're measuring, make sure the doorjamb and surrounding trim are solid, level and plumb. Storm doors can be installed to open to the left or to the right. You'll find it more convenient to install your storm door so that the handle is on the same side as the handle on the door behind the storm door.

Step 2



Cut the Hinge Frame and Remove the Glass

Mark the hinge frame at a length 1/8" less than that of the doorframe opening. With the hacksaw, cut the hinge frame to size.

The glass makes up a considerable percentage of the weight of the door. Remove the glass from the storm door before installing it to make the process easier.

Step 3

Attach the Hinge Frame and Hinges

Screw two screws in the middle of the hinge frame into the jambs to hold the door in place.

Attach jamb screws at each of the hinges. Check the fit by opening and closing the door. Finish securing the drip cap by screwing it to the jamb.

Step 4

Measure and Cut the Frame

Measure the latch side of the doorframe and cut the frame 1/8" smaller than the measurement.

Step 5

Add the Rubber Sweeps

Remove the expander sweep from the door (Image 1). Slide the rubber sweeps into the channels in the bottom of the door (Image 2). Crimp the ends of the channels to hold the sweeps in place. Trim excess sweep material, allowing a 1/8" overhang on the sides. Reattach the expander, with the screw side facing in (Image 3).

Step 6

Install the Doorknob

Your storm door may include a template, which will help you determine where to drill your holes for the door hardware (Image 1). Drill the holes for your doorknob and lock, line up the knob and lock, and insert them into the holes (Image 2), beginning with the exterior pieces. Then insert the interior pieces, and screw them into place.

Deadbolt locks are sometimes provided with new storm doors. These locks are installed in the same way as standard doorknobs (Image 3).

Step 7

slide the stop washer onto the closer

slide the stop washer onto the closer

Attach the Striker Plate and Stop Washer

Attach the striker plate and slide the stop washer into the closer.

Step 8



Assemble the Closer Unit

Assemble the entire closer unit with brackets on each end of the closer. Hold the closer level at the height recommended by the manufacturer and mark the bracket location on the door and doorjamb. Secure the closer to the door and doorjamb with screws.