Step 1

Prepare to Hang the Door

Entry doors are available as both slabs and in standard prehung sizes that fit most newer houses. If you have an opening with an unusual size or would like a custom-made door, you may need to buy a slab. Slabs require a few additional steps to those shown below for a prehung door, which arrive with the jambs and hinges already in place. Replacing an older entry door with a new insulated door can save energy, as well. The most important part of hanging a door is to make sure it is plumb and level.

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Check the floor to make sure it is level (Image 1). If it is level, you will be able to align the door with the floor.

Remove all of the packaging from the door, except any braces that keep the door square (Image 2).

Step 2

Position the Door

Center the door inside of the opening to make sure that the door will fit (Image 1).

Use shims, if necessary, to make sure the door is plumb in the opening (Image 2).

After the door is centered, trace the molding on the exterior of the house. Drive nails at the top of the door unit to keep it in place as you make adjustments (Image 3).

Once centered, trace the molding onto the exterior of the house. Drive nails at the top of the unit to keep it in place as you make adjustments (Image 4).

Check for plumb (Image 5). Use a pry bar to adjust the hang. The gap between door and wall must be small enough to be covered by the door casing.

Step 3

Install the Hinge and Lock

Insert shims behind each hinge (Image 1). The shims help distribute pressure.

Screw the hinges in place (Image 2). Check to make sure the door opens properly.

Drive nails every 12 inches (305 mm) along the molding into the house (Image 3).

Step 4



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Install the Drip Edge

Measure the width of the opening. Cut and install a drip edge at the top of the opening. This provides a moisture barrier.

Making sure to firmly press the molding in place, center the door inside the opening. Run a bead of caulk around the molding. Adjust the door‘s threshold.