Clear Door Knob


New knobs on the doors in the renovated bedroom.

From: Rehab Addict

Photo by: Andrew D Myers

Andrew D Myers


Take Down the Door

Remove the door from its hinges. Start by tapping out the hinge pins. Once it’s off its hinges, move the door to a workspace to begin sanding.

Step 1

Plane off the Edges

Using the power planner, sand down a 32nd of an inch off the top of the door and a 32nd of an inch from the side of the door. Start with the blade outside the edge of the door; once you start trimming, keep the blade in motion until you reach the other edge. Stopping in the middle can cause an uneven trim.

Step 2

Seal and Rehang the Door

Seal the edges by spraying them with hairspray, and re-hang the door.