Step 1

DIY Roller Shade

DIY Roller Shade

Measure the length and width of the window to determine how big the shade will be.

Measure Your Window

Measure the length and width of the window to determine how big of a shade you need to buy.

Step 2

Roll Out Shade

Roll out the shade on a large flat work surface. Line all of the edges of the shade with 3/4'” painter’s tape.

Step 3

Mark Horizontal Grid Lines

Make a mark four inches up from the bottom on both sides of the shade. 

Start at one side of the shade at the four-inch mark, and run a piece of tape across to the opposite four-inch mark. Try to keep the tape as straight as possible, if necessary, use a yard stick as a guide.

Measure four inches up from the tape and repeat the previous steps until the entire shade is covered with horizontal tape lines, all four inches apart.

Step 4

Mark Vertical Grid Lines

Mark the centerpoint on the bottom tape line. Measure two inches from one side of centerpoint and make a mark. Make another mark two inches from the other side of the centerpoint, so you have two marks four inches apart to start your vertical lines.  Repeat the process so you have marks on the opposite end of the shade and in the center.

Run a line of tape, from bottom to top at the four-inch marks. Repeat the steps to create 4” x 4” squares on the entire shade. 

Pro Tip

These squares don’t have to be perfect, they are simply a guide for stamping. So don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfectly straight.

Step 5

Start Stamping

Thoroughly blot the first stamp on the ink pad, making sure to cover the entire stamp. Stamp alternating squares on the shade with the first stamp. Make sure to blot the stamp pad between each application.

Use a second stamp in the alternating open squares.  Alternating the two different stamps creates repetition and pattern, two very important design elements.

Pro Tip

Be sure to use permanent stamp ink.

Step 6

Remove Painter's Tape

Remove the painter’s tape and allow the ink to dry overnight.

Step 7

Prepare to Install the Shade

Measure and mark the center of the interior window frame. Use the centerpoint as a guide to mark the holes for the shade hardware. Pre-drill the screw holes for the hardware using a 1/8” drill bit.

Step 8

Secure Hardware and Hang Shade

Secure the hardware to the window frame using the screws provided with the hardware. Repeat steps to secure the hardware on the opposite side of the window frame.

Hang the shade by sliding the appropriate ends into the secured hardware brackets.

Step 9

DIY Roller Shade

DIY Roller Shade

Pull the shade down to desired height

Test It Out

Pull the shade down to desired height.

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