Adding a storm window to exterior of home to save on energy.


Energy-Efficient Windows 01:03

Here are the DIY basics for creating energy-efficient windows.

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Step 1

Learn How to Save Money and Energy

Windows are a main source of energy loss.

First tip, block summer heat with high-reflectivity window film.

Insulating window panels like pop-in, rigid-foam shutters save money and energy. Storm windows or plastic sheeting can also help you save money and energy.

Step 2

Remove the Old Windowpane

For maximum efficiency, replace all cracked or broken windowpanes.

Tape the old pane to keep it from shattering during removal.

Soften brittle putty with mineral spirits before scraping the frame clean.

Step 3

Install the New Windowpane

Use a ball of masking tape to hold the new pane steady.

To hold it in place, use glazing points, then apply the glazing compound in strings.

Angling the compound against the glass will create an airtight seal.

Use a small, angled brush to paint the new compound.