Creating an Entry Wall 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for creating an entry wall.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Measuring tape
Interior paint
Calendar or wall clock
Press-on hooks
Press-on pocket

Step 2

Getting Started

Put it next to the most-used entry door.

Take off doors of nearby closet or dedicate adjoining wall.

Pro Tip

An entry storage wall is great for keeping up with family stuff.

Storage area should be at least 4 by 8 feet, larger if you have a big family.

Step 3

Paint the Wall

Paint area an eye-catching color and frame it with another color.

Pro Tip

Let paint dry for 7 days before attaching press-on hangers.

Step 4

Add to the Wall

Anchor area with large calendar or wall clock.

Hang heavier hooks for heavy items like coats; lighter hooks for car keys.

Install removable caddies for cell phones.

Identify different areas of hooks with graphics: monograms or words or phrases.

Add a bench for heavier items.

Pro Tip

Use removable hooks easy to attach and move.

Create a family photo wall with photos and hooks.