Cellular Shades Look Great and Save You Money

Cellular, or honeycomb shades, add value and beauty to your home for an affordable price.


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Cellular, or honeycomb shades, are not only an attractive window treatment, they’re also functional – some may even qualify for federal energy tax credits.

Made from pleated material that forms honeycomb-shaped compartments, they are used to filter or block light. And because the honeycomb-shaped channels trap air, they also create an insulating barrier between the window and the room.

Energy Savings in a Window Covering

The Natural Resources Defense Council says that about one-third of a home’s total thermal loss occurs through windows and doors. Adding an insulating barrier to windows reduces thermal loss.

Cellular shades come in single-cell, double-cell and triple-cell options. Each has a different R-Value; the more cells, the higher the value. In addition to multiple cells, the shades can also be made of various layers of fabric; as with the cells, the more layers of fabric, the more insulating the shade.

While there’s no universal efficiency test for shades, cellular shades have in the past qualified for a federal energy tax credit.

Installing Window Shades 01:00

Here are the basics for installing window shades and blinds.

Colors, Patterns and Blackout Options

Honeycomb window shades are made of soft paper- or cloth-like material. They come in a variety of solids and patterns, giving you almost endless decorative options.

In addition, you can also get honeycomb shades that offer light blocking capabilities, perfect for nurseries, bedrooms or theater rooms.

Picking the color can be one of the hardest decisions, not only for decorative appeal, but also for energy costs.

Layering dark fabrics will reduce the amount of light entering the room, which can help reduce thermal load on the sides of the house that get the most sun. But in colder climates, dark shades can cut the warmth gained from sunlight, putting a heavier burden on the heating system.

Raising and Lowering; Cords or Cordless

There are also options for how the blinds raise and lower. Some lower from the bottom only, like traditional blinds. But others lower from the top and the bottom, allowing you to let in light from both areas of the window.

You also have options with the ways they raise and lower. Some have cords – again like traditional blinds – while others have a cordless option. The cordless shades can be motorized, or can be operated manually.

Cleaning Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are easy to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to remove dust. To remove stains, spot clean with a sponge, mild detergent and warm water. Blot gently and allow them to dry. 

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