Cedar-lined drawers keep your winter wear safe all year round – especially during the warm months when you aren’t wearing the items. Cedar is naturally resistant to pests, and surrounding your woolen wardrobe with the lumber will help keep it free of moths and other bugs that have a higher tendency to damage clothing. 

Step 1

Measure Drawer and Select Lumber

Most common cedar boards that you will find are not planed smooth on both sides. So unless you have access to a planer or the patience to do a heavy-duty sanding on the lumber, you will want to keep the rough side of each board away from your knit fabrics to prevent snags. Positioning the smooth side of the lumber inward will render an easy cedar finish.

When selecting cedar boards, keep the depth of your drawer in mind. A 1x6 board is used in this demonstration, but your drawer may be deeper or shallower, in which case you should adjust the width of the board you choose.

Step 2

Cut the Cedar Boards

Measure the length of the drawer and use a chop saw to cut two pieces of cedar to length (these were 28-1/4” in an Ikea Ribba dresser). Sand the cut edges of the board to eliminate splintered wood. Dry fit the boards in the empty drawer, and measure the remaining space between for the side pieces. Cut and fit those pieces for the left and right ends of the drawer (mine were 15”).

Depending on the items you are wishing to store and the overall size of your drawer, you may be able to fit several drawer dividers in place. Because one side of the cedar is likely still rough, cut two boards for each divider (15” each) and sandwich them with rough edge facing rough edge.

Step 3

Assemble Drawer Liner

Use wood screws to assemble the cedar boards at every point at which the boards create a lap joint. Predrill each hole to prevent splintering or cracking the board, and apply a thin line of wood glue at the connection to further reinforce the drawer insert.

Step 4

How to Build Cedar Drawer Dividers
Emily Fazio , 2016

How to Build Cedar Drawer Dividers

Store winter clothing by lining a drawer with cedar dividers.

Photo By: Emily Fazio ©2016

Sort and Store Your Winter Woolens

Place the cedar drawer liner in the drawer, and put the drawer back into the dresser. Pack away your winter clothing for the next few seasons, and rest assured that they’ll be safe from pests