Step 1

Updating a Half Bath 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics on updating a half bath.

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Step 2

Install Towel Racks

When installing towel racks and TP holders, sink screws into studs or use mollies to anchor them in drywall. For hand towels, hang a towel ring next to the sink.

Step 3

Add Lights

For easy installation, make sure the base of each new light fixture matches or is larger than the old one. Add decorative wall scones to complement the new hardware.

Step 4

Choose Floor Tiles

Test floor tiles in place before you commit to them; large tiles can overwhelm a small half bath. Choose tiles with a rough or textured finish to prevent slipping.

Step 5

Install a Fan

For the best performance in a bath fan, use the shortest possible duct run and a minimum number of elbows. Tape all duct connections to make them secure and tight.