Teenage Girl's Goth-Style Bathroom

Gothic can be girly and quirky when done thoughtfully and sparingly. Reflecting her personality in an attractive way shows her that she’s both acknowledged and beautiful.

Gracefully Goth

Help your teenage daughter express her love of gothic style in a tasteful way you can both agree on.

Arts, Hearts and Body Parts

Artwork is a wonderful way to communicate your bathroom’s motif quickly (and temporarily). X-rays and store-bought frames make unique and interesting artwork. Tiny vintage saltcellars add a splash of color and keep your teen’s earrings safe from the drain.

Rhinestones and Red Tape

Red washi tape and a little bling add a feminine touch to a gothic frame. Simple adjustments and artistic touches can transform a goth vibe from scary to cool, keeping anyone who wanders in from getting spooked.

Relatively Nostalgic

This teen’s love of medical decor was inspired by her great aunt, a trailblazing military nurse. The gothic tones combined with her love of vampire novels made red a natural accent color for this bath.

Repurposed Reading

An awkwardly-placed towel rack can be repurposed for cool magazines or even the book she reads in the bath. Unless you’re willing to patch and repaint your walls, try to get creative with what you’ve got. Hooks are an easy way to store towels elsewhere.

Hanging Around

Carefully-chosen jewelry can do double duty as decor when displayed in a beautiful way. This elegant hanger combines form, function and fun.

Show and Shelve

Just because shelving is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. These curved, chromed brackets give these shelves a feminine quality. Mixing her products with pictures creates interest and storage.

Grate Idea for Storage

A sparkling-clean cheese grater makes for some very clever earring storage with an industrial feel. Cheaper than a fancy jewelry organizer, this conversation piece can hold a lot of earrings.

Teenaged Tools

The things she uses most often should be within arm’s reach. A standalone toothbrush holder makes an excellent caddy for her make up brushes and, of course, her eyeliner needs an attractive house of its own. A well-preserved pest keeps things fun and interesting.

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