Teen Boys' Barbershop-Style Bathroom

Indulge your teenage son with this painfully-cool motif. You can create a stylish space that acknowledges your little boy has become a suave young man.

Sophisticated Simplicity

As your son grows up, he may want to back off the primary colors and opt for some natural tones in the tub. These shelves are the perfect complement to the room’s refined style.

Secure Storage

This beautiful vintage toolbox complements the room’s style and gives your teen a place to stash products he wants to keep away from prying eyes.

Appropriate Accessories

With a little thought, every item in your guy’s bathroom can serve a purpose and add style . This old-fashioned barber shop canister offers up great storage and a classy look.

Graphic and Grown Up

This shower curtain manages to be mature without taking itself too seriously. Consider pulling in an elegant console table to set a sophisticated scene for your son.

Moustache Masterpiece

Framing some manly, but kitschy wrapping paper makes the perfect statement in your gentleman’s cool space.

Privacy Please

This masculine door hanger fulfills your teen's need for space in a classy, polite manner. The light wood ties in with the natural wood shelving and mirror’s unstained trim.

Put It on a Pedestal

A pedestal sink’s number one downfall is the lack of storage it provides. This ingenious rolling rack will keep all of his stuff off of the floor forever.

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