Superhero-Inspired Boys' Bathroom

This space tells your little hero that bath time is super fun. And in a few years, when his sense of style has flown on to a new city, it won’t be hard to update the space again.

Super Soap and Suds

Give your little guy the bathroom he's been dreaming of without making any major permanent changes.

Set the Scene

Just because this is a child’s bathroom, doesn’t mean you have to grab a shower curtain from the kids’ section. This cityscape is quirky but age appropriate. Self-adhesive hangers can hold washcloths, toys or a superheroes disguise. Hey, a bathtub works just as well as a phone booth.

DIY Decor

Customize common store-bought shelves with some spray paint and tape. Voila, this storage has superpowers and fits into your little guy’s bathroom perfectly.

Super Clean

Artwork is a wonderful, yet temporary way to communicate your concept. Using plywood, spray paint and a printed graphic, you can create distinctive themed art to inspire your offspring into staying clean.

Step It Up

Every superhero needs a sidekick. This step stool will give your boy the boost he needs to reach the sink. Since the room is small, a semi-permanent hook saves the day and some space.

Theme Music

A fun and affordable shower radio will help your superhero relax after a hard day of fighting grime.

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