18 Tiny Bathrooms That Pack a Punch

A small bathroom doesn't have to be boring. Jazz it up with clever storage tips and eye-popping design ideas.

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Color, Color, Color

This once-boring en suite bathroom was given a stylish makeover to make the most of the space. It may be small, but a fresh color palette and a few trendy accessories made all the difference.

Curtain Call

A sink skirt is a smart way to hide clutter while also keeping everything easily at hand.

Be Bold

Who said a small bathroom can’t be bold? In this 60-square-foot bathroom, bright colors and fun accents were carefully combined to create a small bath that’s big on style.

Heavenly Design

Light, ethereal curtains give a soft, airy vibe to this petite bath. A splash of color and a gorgeous chandelier bring attention to the high ceilings, making the entire room feel more spacious.

Light Bright

A predominantly white color scheme can make any room feel larger. Add a mirror and good lighting to give your tiny bath an extra boost.

Beneficial Built-Ins

Use every square inch by filling niches with built-in storage. If you are remodeling, consider this tactic to maximize space.

Do It Yourself

Often cheaper than store-bought shelving units, crates are a trendy alternative that offer much-needed storage, while boasting fun, DIY charm.

Moveable Storage

If built-in shelving is simply not an option, or if you love to mix up your bathroom design, try a storage ladder or shelf that can be easily painted or moved, depending on your preferences.

Bathroom Scale

Small bathrooms call for small-scale furnishings. The delicate light fixture and perfectly-proportioned mirror are just the right size for this petite space.

More Floor

Basin legs add extra floor space while also visually expanding a small bathroom. Plus, there is plenty of room for storing a trash bin or other necessities underneath.

Shelf Help

A bathroom, particularly the main bathroom, can’t be functional without proper storage. Line the walls in custom shelving for a design that doesn’t waste valuable space.

Hidden Potential

Don’t dismiss awkward space in your tiny bath. In the small apartment bathroom featured here, the alcove behind the toilet is the perfect place to add a couple of shelves for extra storage.

Character Building

Mix patterns in a similar color palette, such as the vase and tile featured here, to instantly give your small bath more character.

Add Interest

By keeping a light and cohesive color scheme, the various textures in this bathroom add subtle interest for major impact.

Moving Up

If you think your tiny bathroom can’t be helped, make sure you haven’t forgotten the walls. Take advantage of vertical space to create extra storage and display personal decor.

Basket Case

If you don’t have room to add shelving, decorative baskets can be a great way to hide extra toiletries. Keep them stacked by the sink for easy access.

Go Graphic

Think you can’t do graphic wallpaper in a small space? Think again! A small bathroom is the perfect place to try out a daring wall treatment.

All-in-One Design

Any small bathroom could benefit from this sink’s sleek design, which allows you to hang towels directly from the sink while storing essentials neatly behind it.

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