Step 1

Watch an Overview Video

Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Instead of replacing an entire vanity, upgrade it with a new top and undermount sink.

Materials and Tools:

plumbing wrenches
utility knife
pry bar
caulk gun
latex caulk
clear silicone
putty knife
drop cloths
power drill or screw gun
wood screws
granite vanity top with integral sink

Step 3

Remove the Old Vanity

Start by cutting off water and disconnecting and removing old fixtures.

Cut caulk between backsplash and vanity with utility knife.

Remove screws underneath cabinet. If the old vanity is marble or granite, it will not be screwed on.

Lift off the old vanity top.

Step 4

Position the New Vanity

With a putty knife, scrape surface clean.

Set new top on cabinet and check level. Insert shims beneath top if necessary to level top. Use pry bar to raise top for shims.

If new top is marble or granite, it does not need to be screwed in place.

Step 5

Install the New Fixtures

Install and reconnect new fixtures.

Fill gap between wall and splash with latex caulk. Work caulk into joint with finger.

Fill gap between splash and top with clear silicone. Clean up excess silicone with a damp rag.

Install new hardware.

Let caulk dry 24 hours before using sink.