Step 1

Replacing a Medicine Cabinet 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for replacing a medicine cabinet.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

medicine cabinet
measuring tape
carpenter’s level
drop cloth
power drill
childproof lock

Step 3

Remove the Old Cabinet

Cover sink with drop cloth.

Empty old cabinet and remove shelves.

Place support under cabinet before removing it.

Remove mounting screws.

Remove cabinet.

Step 4

Mount the Cabinet

Make sure new cabinet is same size or slightly larger than old one.

An inside-mounted cabinet the same size as the old one can be slipped into the existing hole and anchored to a stud.

If new cabinet is surface mount, mount it directly on wall.

Make sure surface mount cabinet is anchored to at least one stud. If other side of cabinet doesn’t reach stud, anchor it with molly bolt.

If new cabinet is inside mount and same size as old one, slip it into existing hole and anchor to a stud.

Step 5

Insert the Cabinet

If new inside-mount cabinet is larger than old one, have a helper help hold it in place and outline it on wall.

Use hacksaw to enlarge hole and studs, if necessary.

If wires and plumbing are inside wall, hang surface mount cabinet instead.

Out of 2x4 boards, cut horizontal and vertical framing for new opening.

Glue horizontals at top and bottom to studs.

When glue is dry, secure horizontals to studs with wood screws.

Vertical framing should equal height of cabinet. Toenail verticals into studs.

Insert cabinet in opening and screw into new framing.

Install childproof lock on new cabinet.