Step 1

Set the Side Rails in Place

Drill proper holes into the walls for the side rails. Run a bead of silicone on the underside of the threshold piece (Image 1). Put it in place and tape it down until the side rails are in place (Image 2). Tap a plastic anchor into the pre-drilled holes in the tile (Image 3). Slide side rails into threshold (Image 4) and screw to the wall anchors with stainless steel screws (Image 5).

Step 2

insert rubber spacers

insert rubber spacers

Insert the Rubber Spacers

Drop rubber spacers in the channel on the left side of the threshold to hold the stationary panel of the door.

Step 3

Attach the Remaining Rails

Place the glass stationary panel (Image 1), and slide it into the side rail. Attach the center rail and top rail to the side panel (Image 2).

Snap fillers into the threshold and the top rail where the swing door will go (Image 3).

Step 4

apply glazing strip

apply glazing strip

Apply the Glazing Strip

Use a shim (not metal) to press the glazing strip into the channel on both sides of the stationary glass panel.

Step 5

attach hinges to bottom rail

attach hinges to bottom rail

Attach the Hinges to the Bottom Rail

Bring in the swing door, attaching the hinge to the bottom rail and threshold and snapping it into place.