How to Remove and Replace a Toilet

How to Remove and Replace a Toilet

Removing a toilet and installing a new one is not that hard. Follow all the necessary steps and you'll be on your way to a new bathroom.

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Step 1

Adjust a Loose Toilet Seat

Toilet lids can be poorly adjusted and may not stay in an upright position. There is usually no need to purchase a new seat and lid; you can simply adjust the lid so that it leans back against the wall or tank.

Locate the nuts holding the seat and lid to the pan (Image 1).

Unscrew the nuts and slide their rubber washers to adjust the opening angle of the lid (Image 2).

Tighten the nuts (Image 3) and check that the seat and lid now open to the desired angle.

Step 2

Replace a Toilet Seat

Toilet seats can become worn over time and require a replacement. A new toilet seat is also an inexpensive way to update a toilet.

Lift up the lids that house the nuts holding the seat assembly in place (Image 1).

Remove the bolt from each position (Image 2) and lift the toilet seat.

Secure the new toilet seat in place with bolts (Image 3), and close the lid.