Step 1

Re-Route the Supply Lines

Turn off water main, then cut plumbing back to general area of new holes. Remove excess pipe sections.

To re-route the supply lines, first clean all of the fittings with a wire pipe brush (Image 1). Add flux to the ends and assemble the section of pipe that turns upward toward the tub.

Sweat the fitting for the end of the vertical supply line (Image 2), then insert into the elbow added to the end of the existing run (Image 3).

Wedge a piece of pipe underneath the new one to hold steady, then sweat the remaining joints.

Set the drain line to its new location by applying PVC pipe cleaner, followed by glue to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the reducer fitting (Image 4). Add an elbow, then build the "P" trap.

Add the last piece -- the vertical pipe that will connect at the hole and screw onto the extension tube from the bathtub drain.

Step 2

add plumbers putty around strainer

add plumbers putty around strainer

Set the Tub

Position the new tub near the new location, and add the new drain to tub. Add plumbers putty around the strainer and tighten down flush with tub surface.

Step 3

Install the Stopper Assembly

Connect the overflow (Image 1), tighten the coupling nut at the drain, then tighten the retainer nut at the overflow hole.

Install the stopper assembly on the tub, then assemble the lower drain extension. Place the drain extension into the hole in the floor, move tub into position and align over the extension drain (Image 2). Tighten the nut to hold in place.

Step 4

wrap ends of pipes with plumbers tape

wrap ends of pipes with plumbers tape

Secure the Pipes

Install the "T" bracket containing the pipe holders for the exposed supply lines.

Wrap the ends of the pipes with plumbers tape, place the flanges over the holes in the tile, then feed the pipes one at a time through the holder, the flanges and into the plumbing under the floor. Tighten pieces down.

Adjust set screws on the pipe holders and flanges to hold the new plumbing in place.

Step 5

Install the Faucet Assembly

Install faucet assembly and tighten decorative nuts. Add hand shower to complete.