Hollywood-Inspired Girl's Bathroom

This Tinsel-Town-themed bathroom allows your future superstar to soap up in glamorous style.

Wham, Bam, Glam

With just a few simple touches, you can give your little star the Hollywood-style bathroom she deserves!

Star Guides

A framed map can go a long way toward telling a story in a small space. This vintage Hollywood map found online takes the classy road all the way to the Hollywood Hills.

Clip the Clutter

A simple binder clip keeps hair accessories ready and waiting for show time.

Beaded Bling

This tie back doesn’t take itself too seriously. A matching string of party beads hold back the curtains and brings a little sparkle to her bath.

No Autographs

All celebs crave privacy, and your little star is no exception. Scour the web for cool or vintage “Do Not Disturb” signs (or borrow one from your favorite hotel. Shh).

Tinseltown Trinkets

Keep your girl’s favorite primping product accessible with sink-side sparkly storage. This mercury glass bowl screams old Hollywood and stores all the tools your starlet uses on a daily basis. An inexpensive souvenir sells your theme at a really low price.

Staging Shelving

Affordable wigs and mannequin heads will make this feel like an official dressing room. A roll of tickets is a nod to the sellout performances your daughter will be commanding any day now.

Cool Storage

Clean and colorful silicone ice cube trays become little lockers for tiny treasures. Silicone’s flexibility makes it easy to reach small items.

Singing in the Shower

A sparkly mic sets the tone for the big concerts (and water bills) coming to you from your star’s glamorous bath.

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