Girl's Art Studio Bathroom

Instead of looking to licensed characters to decorate your kid’s bath, why not encourage a little creativity? Empower her early with a theme that draws on your child’s imagination.

Artistic Inspiration

Once your theme is chosen, look for affordable artwork that fills the space with fun. These basic painters’ palettes become points of interest when grouped together and painted in crisp white. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could let the little one help.

Start With Art

Vibrant plastic sleeves from your local office supply store turn your tub into an easily changeable art gallery. Your tiny Van Gogh can use bathtub crayons and markers to draw on the outside while her more permanent pieces are kept safe from splashing.

Special Soap

You’ll have more luck getting her to clean up her act when you fill her soap with tiny treasures. Beads, jewels or even plastic doll shoes can be added to any clear soap dispenser to inspire some hygiene high jinks.

Can It

An unused silver paint can makes a great countertop catch-all and stays on theme. To avoid rust stains, coat the bottom edges with clear nail polish.

Egg Carton Storage

An everyday egg carton is upcycled to a hair tie holder. This easy organization also provides a splash of color to your kid’s shelf.

Sound Advice

An appealing and waterproof MP3 player protects and amplifies your device. Tunes in the tub make bath time more fun for everyone.

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