From Drafty Outhouse to Luxurious Bathroom Retreat

The Bath Crashers team turns a cold and cluttered master bathroom into an elegant and tranquil retreat.
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Before: Outhouse Style

This spacious bathroom is the furthest thing from luxurious living. Located just off the master bedroom, the bathroom feels like a cold and separate part of the house with inefficient heating and a utility room feel.

After: Sleek and Chic

White beadboard walls, light contemporary fixtures and a sleek custom vanity give the master bathroom a new, elegant appearance to make it feel like a true bathroom retreat.

Before: Cellar Feel

Gray and pink tile is not a flattering look for the space, and the step down from the bedroom makes the bathroom feel even more abandoned. The homeowners' main complaint is the limited natural light, which creates a jail cell look that doesn't convey the romantic, tranquil retreat the homeowners would like to have.

After: Relaxing Bath

This classy bathroom now features heated hardwood floors, a high-end bathtub and shower, and skylights to bring in the natural light this space has been longing for. The freestanding tub makes bathing the most relaxing time of the day with tea lights along the windowsill and a small flat-screen TV and DVD player for comfortable viewing.

After: Nighttime Retreat

At night, the bathroom comes alive with soft romantic lighting and contemporary appeal.

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