Fantastic Bathroom Makeovers

See before and after photos of some of BATHtastic!'s best bathroom transformations.

Before: Boring, Beige and Bare

Designer Matt Muenster helped a busy couple with their bland, beige bathroom. The shower isn't usable, and there is no room for storage in the bathroom.

After: A Modern Mix of Materials

A mix of materials brings texture and color to the bathroom. A frameless glass shower surround and recycled glass mosaic tile backsplash are installed in the shower.

Before: A Bathroom Showing Its Age

Matt took on this outdated bathroom with a budget of only $1,000. The vinyl flooring and yellow tub had to go, and the lack of a vanity allowed for no storage space.

After: Young, Fun and Hip

The floor gets a hip makeover with chocolate-brown paint, and mosaic glass tile covers the new vanity and mirror frame. Custom decals add flower power to the bathroom.

Before: Old and Bland Shower

The owners of this master bathroom wanted the vinyl flooring, small shower and pedestal sink replaced.

After: Contemporary, Chic and Sleek

The makeover included a new high-end steam shower built for two and an all-in-one vanity with a sink and mirror, sconces and a chandelier.

Before: Diamond in the Rough

This vinyl-covered tub and matching vinyl floor needed to be a thing of the past.

After: Bronze Beauty

Make an existing bathtub BATHtastic! by refurbishing it with copper glass tiles and modern, ceramic floor tile.

Before: An Overload of White

Matt helped a homeowner transform her cold, white bathroom. An unnecessary wall and peach floor tile are the first culprits to go.

After: Eclectic Red

This new bathroom includes eco-friendly cork flooring and a hand-painted, wallpapered wall which was once cluttered with toiletries. An old cabinet becomes a vanity.

Before: Cramped Khaki Style

The owners of this khaki-colored bathroom particularly wanted the faux granite countertops and sheet mirror removed.

After: Soothing Blue

This bathroom makeover included finding common ground between a couple whose traditional and modern styles collide. Painted white cabinets, a recyled glass countertop and a soothing blue wall color do the trick.

Before: This Ship Has Sailed

These newlyweds needed to overhaul their bright yellow, nautically themed bathroom. The outdated vanity and wallpaper made the room seem small and crowded.

After: A Tranquil Ocean Breeze

Gone are the lighthouses. The wallpaper is replaced with aqua-blue paint and tile now covers the vanity wall. A shelf completes the modern, tranquil bathroom.

Before: Bulky Vanity

Transforming this master bathroom would have to include getting rid of the outdated, bulky vanity.

After: Spa Sanctuary

The bathroom now features a high-end, double vanity set with new sinks, faucets and mirrors. A groovy black and white backsplash and cafe color paint perk up the walls to make this bathroom a spa retreat.

Before: Starting on a Blank Canvas

Matt helped a young, hip couple whose bathroom was anything but. The owners particularly disliked the low ceiling and outdated vanity.

After: A Rock Wall

Everything about this bathroom is modern from the TV mirror to the pebble tile wall and the floating vanity to the eco-friendly elements and artwork.

Before: Stuck in the '80s With Pink

The owners of this '80s-style master bathroom wanted a more modern space. To do this, the hideous paisley pink wallpaper had to come down.

After: An Artistic Stencil Design

This bathroom has a distinctive stencil treatment on the walls along with new fixtures. A personal photo printed on canvas gives it a contemporary touch.

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