Boys' Skateboard-Style Bathroom

Give your son a space of his own with a skateboard-inspired bathroom full of street style and affordable accents.

Clean Streets

Keep your tween clean and cool with this street smart motif. A bright color palette, bold accessories and some fun features will keep him walking (or skating) on the right path.

Skateboard Storage

Form and function come together with these vibrant skateboard shelves. Find some rad skateboard decks online, and paint them to match your palette. It’s a stylish way to take advantage of vertical space.

Graffiti Skyline

Get your kid involved in the design by hanging a plain white shower curtain outside, handing him some spray paint, and letting him go to town. A celebration of street art and your son’s talent will make him feel right at home and in his element.

Bold Brackets

Add some unexpected color to standard store bought brackets, and amp up the street style instantly.

Map Wrap

This gorgeous artwork was created for under $10 using an affordable frame and some map wrapping paper. The colors match the room’s decor perfectly while keeping things on theme.

Decal Design

These repositionable decals complement the bathroom’s black accents and act as the life of the party. Their simplicity makes them sophisticated enough for a little man, without losing the fun.

DIY Double Yellow Line

Painting two yellow stripes on this affordable gray bathmat transforms it from ordinary to edgy in an instant.

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