Prepare to Build

Design the laundry organizer on paper before cutting the PVC tubing. The organizer in this example is 3' high, 3' long and 1' wide, with three sections for laundry. Feel free to use different measurements for your organizer.

Step 1

Dry-Fit the Pieces Together

Begin by dry-fitting the pieces of the organizer. For the long side on the bottom of the organizer, slide straight-L connectors onto 12" tubes, and fit the other ends of the L connectors into cross-slips to create the feet of the organizer.

For the short sides, slide the tubes directly into the cross-slip. Slide straight pipes into the cross-slip pieces to create the uprights for the rack.

Step 2

secure connections with PVC glue

secure connections with PVC glue

Glue Sections of the Organizer Together

When the pieces are the correct size, secure the connections with PVC glue. Smear primer and cement around the ends of the pieces, and insert them into the connectors. Give the pieces one-quarter turn, and hold them in place for 15 seconds. After the glue cures, they cannot be removed.

Assemble the separators using T connectors to connect the PVC tubes.

Step 3

assemble the separators

assemble the separators

Hang Laundry Bags from Tubes

Drill pilot holes 2" from each end of the upper PVC tubes on the side facing into the rack, and insert screws, leaving 1" of the head exposed. Then hang laundry bags from the screwheads.