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Take a Stroll Through The Vanilla Ice Project's Out-of-Control Outdoor Spaces 20 Photos

Take a stroll through Vanilla Ice's most jaw-dropping outdoor renovation projects.

Lake Living and Boathouse Essentials 12 Photos

DIY Network presents a gallery of boathouses and a boatload of ideas for lakeside fun and comfort.

How to Make Over a Dining Room Table With Hardwood Flooring Jul 31, 2018

Do you have a worn-out, solid wood dining table that needs new life? Learn how to resurface it using inexpensive flooring boards.

Glass-Etched Cocktail Tumblers That You Can Make by Happy Hour Jul 17, 2018

You may think glass etching is a difficult, but it is actually very easy. All you need is a stencil, glass and etching cream to turn basic barware into something special.

How to Make a Hanging Garden Jul 17, 2018

Grow fresh fruits and veggies at home even if you don't have a yard for planting. Hang this adorable bucket by your front door, on your balcony or even in the kitchen for fresh produce practically on demand.

Outdoor Rooms: Creating a Room of Your Own in an Outdoor Space 11 Photos

DIY Network presents ideas for creating outdoor rooms with rustic to formal furniture and garden structures.

Pretty Up Your Porch With a DIY Wooden Doormat Jul 17, 2018

By: Cassidy Garcia

Keep dirt and debris at bay with this stylish DIY.

15 Gorgeous Ways to Landscape Around a Pool 15 Photos

Turn a basic swimming hole into a relaxing oasis with these creative landscaping ideas from

How to Refurbish a Gas Grill Jun 29, 2018

After a few years, your gas grill can start looking worse for the wear. You might be tempted to trade it in for a new one, but with a little work and some new parts you can make your grill look and work like new.

How to Install a Tile Border in a Bathroom Jul 2, 2018

Update your bathroom by accenting the vanity or tub area with a mosaic tile backsplash.

How to Make an Angled Shelf Towel Rack Jul 2, 2018

Bathrooms are prime real estate, but that doesn’t mean storage has to be hard to come by. Use wall space wisely and create this vertical towel rack to add function and style.

How to Make a Fold-Down Outdoor Cabinet Jun 29, 2018

By: John McGilvray

This fold-out cabinet is perfect for storing garden supplies or barbeque tools. When guests come over, clear out the gear and use the cabinet as a serving bar or buffet.

How to Make Graphic Patterned Outdoor Artwork Jun 29, 2018

Spruce up your porch or patio with artwork that stands up to the elements.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Laundry Rack Jun 26, 2018

By: Chip Wade

Instead of hanging wet laundry all over the house, make a space-saving, fold-away laundry rack.

Get Your Kids Outside With These Summer Must-Haves 10 Photos

The experts at put together a summer shopping list of things you need to keep your kids happily playing outside.

How to Clean Wicker Furniture Jun 22, 2018

Because nothing collects dust (and pollen, and dirt) quite like our woven, wicker furnishings.

How to Make a Backyard Tetherball Set Jun 21, 2018

By: Carla Wiking

Bring the fun of the school yard into your backyard with a tetherball court. Made inexpensively from an upcycled tire and a metal pole, the tetherball set can be rolled around the yard to play in the sun or shade.

Luxe Dorm Room Shopping Guide 10 Photos

The experts at DIY Channel put together a must-have luxe dorm decor shopping guide.

How to Make a Birdcage Succulent Garden Jun 18, 2018

Give your patio a bit of vintage charm with a succulent garden grown in an old birdcage.

How to Replace Upper Cabinets With Open Shelving Jun 13, 2018

By: Emily Farris

Replacing bulky upper cabinets with bracketed wood shelves is an easy, affordable way to lighten up the look and feel of your kitchen.

Copy the Curb Appeal of These 15 Beachfront Homes 15 Photos

The design experts at share 15 beachside homes with major curb appeal.

How to Hang a Door in an Existing Jamb 17 Steps

Replacing a door into an existing opening is well within the reach of the average homeowner. The following instructions will help you replace a preexisting door with minimal effort and a higher degree of accuracy.

How to Make a Vertical Herb Garden From a Fence Jun 1, 2018

If your yard is short on space, go vertical with a garden wall made from a section of metal fence, basic lumber and redwood planter boxes.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar and Beverage Station Jun 1, 2018

Update your outdoor entertaining area with a hutch-style cabinet that can be used as a bar or buffet table.

How to Make a Bottle-Cap Opener Game Jun 9, 2018

Liven up your next yard party with this Plinko-inspired game where falling bottle caps decide the outcome.

Behind the Scenes at Americas Most Desperate Landscape 2018 15 Photos

Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos as Jason Cameron and crew, with help from homeowners Shonda an Dywayne Watkins, transform a dismal backyard in Mississippi into a multifaceted outdoor retreat.

Mississippi Makeover: America's Most Desperate Landscape 2018 31 Photos

Jason Cameron and crew head to Florence, Mississippi to help a family rescue one truly desperate landscape, replacing a gaping backyard sinkhole and collapsed pool with a spectacular new patio and deck -- and some amazing outdoor features.

How to Make a Backyard Pipe Ball Game May 21, 2018

By: Carla Wiking

Pipe ball combines the challenge of Skee Ball with the fun of ring toss. It’s simple to make, easy for kids to play and interesting enough for adults to play too (even with a cocktail in hand).

Outdoor String Lights to Spruce up Your Backyard May 7, 2018

Spending time outside in the warmer months is a must, so why not make your backyard even more welcoming? The secret ingredient? String lights. Despite the variety of colors and styles, one thing’s for sure, these budget-friendly additions will help you get that perfect outdoor glow.

Gardening Goals: How to Achieve a Glorious Garden 10 Photos

DIY Network explains what to consider when making a gardening plan. Follow these tips to achieve your wildest gardening goals.