Stunning Front Yard Makeovers

Thanks to Jason Cameron and his Desperate Landscapes crew, these formerly ugly front yards now boast major curb appeal.

Front Yard Prior To Landscaping Makeover

Before: This big house has even bigger problems with drainage and desperation: rainwater runs to the house rather than away from it. Nick has spent three weeks creating a dry creek bed to divert the runoff, and Jason Cameron will arrive with lots of heavy equipment to help him finish the job.

Post Landscaping Makeover Front Yard

After: Nick and Kristin's front yard has been transformed from desperate to beautiful. The landscape has been regraded so that runoff goes around the house, not into it. There are new gutters and fascia boards, a wider walkway and 1,400 square feet of garden beds that frame an inviting entrance.

Before Picture Of Overgrown Front Yard

Before: As entertainment director for the Atlanta Braves, Brandon works in a well-groomed setting, including an immaculate field. But his yard is an overgrown mess of ivy with broken steps and peeling paint. A 20-ft. banana shrub needs to go, as well as 45 running feet of privet.

After Picture Of Landscaped Front Yard

After: Brandon's house is an enchanting house on the hill, complete with fresh paint, new landscape beds and a 10-foot window box full of colorful plants. Jason Cameron left part of the ivy so it could continue covering an unattractive retaining wall.

Before Image Of Overgrown Front Yard

Before: In a neighborhood with killer views, the view of one house kills the neighbors. This mid-century modern-style house has a lawn full of weeds and zero landscaping.

After Picture Of Front Yard Landscaping Outside Brick Home

After: Desperate Landscapes landscape pro Jason Cameron applied rectilinear design to this yard, complementing the geometric shape of the house. Rectangular beds in front of the windows add vertical elements to the front look. Colorful planters at the entrance of the walkway finish the look.

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