Right Vehicle, Right Job 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for Right Vehicle, Right Job.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Light truck
Online auto resource

Step 2

Getting Started

For most homeowners, the choice is between SUVs and light trucks.

Pro Tip

Home improvement projects can be easier if you have the right vehicle.

Use an online auto resource to compare options and features.

Step 3

Comparing Features

SUVs are better multi-taskers and more passenger friendly.

Gear and supplies can be locked up out of the weather.

But carpet and seats can be damaged and large items won’t fit inside.

Light trucks can carry tall and long stuff.

With a durable liner, washing the bed is easy.

You can use rope and hooks on the sides to secure a load.

The tailgate makes a good workbench.

Security is a problem and the bed has no protection from the elements.

Both vehicles come with similar features, like 4-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Four-door trucks are family friendly.

Both can tow a trailer full of supplies and materials.