Pet-Friendly Landscaping 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for pet-friendly landscaping.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Cedar chips
Pine straw
Garden shovel
Dog bones and toys
Wireless pet fence
Wireless pet barrier

Step 2

Getting Started

Start by reinforcing dog’s habits.

Pro Tip

With pet-friendly landscaping, you can have it both ways: a beautiful lawn and a happy dog.

Step 3

Creating the Landscape

Turn dog’s running track into mulch pathway.

To keep dog from digging up lawn, create out-of-the-way digging pit filled with sand.

Pro Tip

Cover it with cedar chips or pine straw; cedar repels fleas; pine straw doesn’t stick to muzzles and isn’t as tasty as dark mulch.

Train dog to dig there by burying bones and toys.

Step 4

Installing the Fence

Install exterior fence.

Use small wireless barriers to keep dog out of flowers and vegetables.

Pro Tip

Wireless system can be adjusted to any size and needs no buried wires.

Many common plants, such as wisteria and foxglove, are toxic to pets.