Meet the Winners of the Best Doggone Doghouse Contest

We asked fans to upload photos of their handcrafted doghouses. See the grand-prize winner, the equally talented runners-up and some honorable mentions.

Grand Prize Winner: Greta and Gypsy's Barn (1 of 2)

Congratulations to Greta's and Gypsy's owner. This DIYer built a barn-style, two room duplex with covered porch. The red roof, gingerbread trim and well-built details make it a winner.

Grand Prize Winner: Greta and Gypsy's Barn (2 of 2)

While it was being built, Greta inspects the progress of her house. The two-room house has an interior passageway so Greta and her sister Gypsy can see each other from their rooms.

Runner Up: Brooklyn Brownstone (1 of 2)

City dwellers, Buster and Bruno show off their city-style brownstone house. Built by professional artist, Bruce Tunis, the two-story house boasts an electric street light and an interior chandelier.

Runner Up: Brooklyn Brownstone (2 of 2)

During the construction phase, Buster and Bruno try their home on for size. The brownstone replica stands over four-feet tall and has a hinged roof for storage. See more of this artist, Bruce Tunis' work.

Runner Up: Weimaraners' Winter Townhouse (1 of 2)

This multi-level doghouse stands 10-ft. tall. Big windows allow the dogs a view from each level. The house was built to match the owner's house including the green metal roof.

Runner Up: Weimaraners' Winter Townhouse (2 of 2)

This construction photo shows the ramp from the main floor to the second floor and the stairs going up to the third-floor loft -- where the pups are lounging.

Runner Up: Rooftop Garden (1 of 2)

Lucy's eco-friendly pad includes a rooftop garden to help keep the place cool. A water-collection system captures rain then lets it drip down cascading water bowls.

Runner Up: Rooftop Garden (2 of 2)

This photo, taken during construction, shows the window box full, but the rooftop with only a liner. A slate floor will help keep Lucy cool in the dog days of summer.

Runner Up: Dalmatian's Tudor-Style Chalet (1 of 2)

Nikki's tricked-out house includes exterior lighting, skylight, bay window, mailbox, birdhouse, a window box and a non-working chimney that is used to hold dog treats.

Runner Up: Dalmatian's Chalet Interior (2 of 2)

The inside of Nikki's chalet is decorated with family photos on the wall, a floral bouquet in the bay window and a fluffy stuffed look-alike for company.

Runner Up: Mastiff's Ponderosa & Pond (1 of 2)

Storm the mastiff spends a lot of time in his owner's pond, so they built him a house with a deck to overlook the pond and the yard beyond.

Runner Up: Hot Tub House

Azula's owner very cleverly used the frame of an old hot tub to make a chalet-style home complete with window box and second-floor window.

Runner Up: Log Cabin Duplex

The sturdy duplex is built with landscape timbers that are chinked together with mortar. A section of wall is removable for human access. Vents in each end of the gable keep air flowing within.

Runner Up: Outfitted For All Weather

The hinged roof allows easy interior access for Jimbo's owner. A sheet of Styrofoam on the underside of the roof keeps the sun from pounding through the dark roofing. A ceiling-mounted fan on an electric sensor also keeps the house cool. In the winter, a heat-lamp-style fixture is used and plastic mats cover the door.

Honorable Mention: Chihuahua's Pueblo (1 of 3)

Toto's builder designed the space in the authentic pueblo style. Toto's two pug brothers also have matching homes. See more of this artist, Bruce Tunis' work.

Honorable Mention: Pugs on Pueblos (2 of 3)

A little sub-division of pueblos was built for these two cuties and their Chihuahua brother.

Honorable Mention: Interior View of Pueblo (3 of 3)

The overhead view of the pueblo shows off the terra-cotta tile floor and the Southwestern architectural details.

Honorable Mention: Recycled Ranch House

Wooden shipping pallets were repurposed to make Domino's cozy retreat.

Honorable Mention: Another Recycled Shipping-Pallet Home

This home was constructed for an animal-rescue fundraising event where teams of architects and builders were asked to make doghouses. This one was constructed using only recycled materials.

Honorable Mention: Little Red House

Tongue-and-groove wood planks discarded from a job site were used on construct this house. The shingle roof is hinged for easy opening and side windows allow a two-way view. This pooch also has a night light, and eave vents and an electric fan to keep cool.

Honorable Mention: Puppy Palapa

An off-the-shelf doghouse kit was turned into a tiki hut with the addition of woven siding and a thatched roof.

Honorable Mention: House of Cards

Large wooden playing cards are stacked together to create this unique doghouse.

Honorable Mention: Dogs Downstairs, Cats Upstairs

The lower level of this pet condo is split in half to accommodate two dogs, while the upper level is for the cats. A heat lamp keeps the structure warm in the winter.

Honorable Mention: Gingerbread Cottage

This sturdy stucco and stone house sports an ample front porch with decorative floor, beefy columns and gingerbread trim.

Honorable Mention: Hollywood Sound Stage

Buster and Bruno's home is a small version of a Hollywood studio. Lined with paw-printed red carpet, the interior and exterior of the structure is adorned with movie posters and studio-like signage. See more of this artist, Bruce Tunis' work.

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