Pick a Location

Any gardener can get started in greenhouse gardening, even without a greenhouse. A corner of a basement, garage or tool shed will work fine, as long as it's heated and will stay between 60 and 80 degrees on its own.

Step 1

plant lights mimic natural sunlight

plant lights mimic natural sunlight

Light the Area

Plant lights or grow lights can be purchased at any garden center or home-improvement store. They mimic natural sunlight and can be found as long fluorescent tubes or flood-type bulbs.

Step 2

Position the Plants

Place plants on any bench or freestanding shelving unit within reach of an electrical outlet. Position the grow lights just a few inches above the plants.

Step 3

Use Heating Mats if Necessary

Seedling trays can be placed on heating mats (Image 1) to maintain perfect temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Some even feature a thermostat for total temperature control. Keep the plants watered, adjust the grow lights upward as the plants grow (Image 2) and move plants to the garden when they're ready.